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Shoes sole cleaner and shoes bottom washer, basic and automatic shoes sole cleaning machine for home, hotel, restaurant, office, dust-free workshop, laboratory, food processing plant, hospital disposal room, etc.

SSC is the leader of shoes sole cleaning industry, a professional entrance cleaning procedures solutions provider, since 2002.

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Basic Ultra-thin

Automatic Ultra-thin

Automatic Corridor style

Multi function automatic -A

Multi function automatic -B

Boots cleaner

Air Shower Combined

Miniature small cleaner

Special customization

We have two brands:
SSC for Overseas market.
YINGTAI for China market.




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A completely different entrance cleaning machines. Automatic Ultra-thin shoes sole cleaner works like a big automatic door mat, you needn't break the floor to install it, our Ultra-thin version cleaner is very thin, the thickness is only 20mm. it can be pulled to anywhere on the floor, move easily.

sole cleaner automatic

Sole cleaning machines, shoes cleaning dust removal equipment, air shower, clean room dedicated.

Sole cleaning machine expert! - SSC Technologies the world's first ultra-thin embedded 2mm sole cleaning machines, floor height of 10cm or less embedded host, sole cleaning dust while achieving barrier-free access. It can be widely used at the entrance of enterprises, hotel clubs, offices, villas etc.

sole and hands cleaner

Corridor microwave sensing automatic cyclic water shoes sole cleaner, water level, sewage intelligent automatic control, available people simultaneously. Mainly used in electronic appliances, pharmaceutical, food processing, precision instruments, hospital laboratories, research institutes and other health conditions require a higher place.

Entrance cleaning systems: Widely used in clean room, clean room, air shower entrance, electronics, pharmaceutical, food processing, precision instruments, hospital laboratories, research institutes and other personnel exchanges and health conditions are more demanding places.

boots sole sides cleaner
Boots cleaer ( boots soles and boots sides cleaning machine )

Features: excellent cleaning effect, automatic water cycle, at the same time for people to use, durable, easy to use, simple to maintain.

Make your entrance more safe by reducing wet floors and dirt in bad weather conditions.
A special water spring system underneath each brush-belt adapts itself to the user′s weight.

Automatic version shoes bottom washer

Easy and fast: just walk through it, Silent brush belts running in counter direction wash your shoe soles efficiently and safely. and then walk to the absorbent mat, this process is very fast. Helps keeping out dirt, mud, wets, grit away from your room.

All products are available in stainless steel. we produce various sizes depending on your needs.
We do not only clean your shoes soles but also bring a clean and clear life room.

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