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Shoes sole cleaner and shoes bottom washer, basic and automatic shoes sole cleaning machine for home, hotel, restaurant, office, dust-free workshop, laboratory, food processing plant, hospital disposal room, etc.

SSC is the leader for the shoes sole cleaning industry, since 2002. We do not only clean your shoes sole but also bring a clean and clear life room.

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Basic Ultra-thin

Automatic Ultra-thin

Automatic Corridor style

Multi function automatic -A

Multi function automatic -B

Boots cleaner

Air Shower Combined

Miniature small cleaner

Wheel cleaning mat device

Special customization

We have two brands:
SSC for Overseas market.
YINGTAI for China market.




Electric Automatic fix in floor boots bottom and sides cleaner


Automatic machine for boots sides cleaning and soles washing.
Size A type: 4500X1200X400 (high) mm
Size B type: 6000X1200X400 (high) mm

Electric Automatic lay on floor boots cleaner

boots cleaning machine

boots sole and sides cleaner

2200X1200X400 (high) mm, 400W, 110 110/220V/380V

Material: SUS304 stainless steel plate, aluminum profile high elastic import nylon brush import motor microwave induction switch of water pump intelligent controller

The use of places:
Industrial and mining enterprises and other food companies, employees need to wear the boots work environment.

widely used in clean room, air shower room entrance, electronics, bio pharmaceutical, food processing, precision instruments, hospital laboratories, research institutes and other personnel exchanges and more health conditions require a higher place.
Features: excellent cleaning effect, automatic water circulation, but also for people to use, durable, easy to use, simple maintenance.

Automatic sole cleaning boots sides washing workstation.
The machine can automatically clean worker's boots which have lots of mud.

NO-powered boots cleaning device

NO-powered boots cleaning device

NO-powered boots cleaner

Technical Parameters:

Type                              Size: MM
2-ChannelNopowered       2000X1000
4-ChannelNopowered       2000X1800
Customizable-2-Channel  1000~5000MM long X1000 wide
Customizable-4-Channel  1000~5000MM long X1800 wide

No-powered cleaner for boots sides cleaning and soles washing.

Material: SUS 304 stainless steel plate, nylon brush , switch of water pump intelligent controller.
The use of places:
Industrial and mining enterprises and other food companies, the work environment where workers need to wear boots.

Water saving design

Only when people enter the cleaning machine, the nozzle began to spray;
When people leave, the nozzle stops spraying;
Soap, disinfectant and other solvents available to add.


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